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Dispute Consulting

S1 Group advises on international disputes and arbitration. From high-profile transactions to regulatory issues and complex litigation, our lawyers harness their knowledge across multiple legal disciplines to provide a holistic perspective for sophisticated matters.

We have a great experience in the following areas:

Risk Assessment and Damages Exposure

We assist with identifying and assessing potential strengths and weaknesses of an opponent’s damages position, settlement offers, and cost/benefit analyses to help clients effectively manage their case strategies.

Financial Analyses and Damages Theories

We help perform market and competitive analyses, cost determinations, lost-profit analyses, economic studies, statistical analyses, and industry reviews to help our clients develop credible damages theories and models appropriate to a case’s issues. We also assist with the critique of the adversary’s position.


We are experienced in assisting clients and their counsel with damages relating to international commercial disputes and arbitrations, including determining and proving the “loss,” challenging alternatives, and determining foreseeability and mitigation. Some of our senior partners can act as neutral parties in various types of disputes and private arbitrations.

Buy-Sell Disputes

Using our extensive international experience in purchase and sale agreement disputes, we analyze underlying records, research complex accounting questions, and interpret contractual modifications of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We consult buyers and sellers, working as an independent arbitrator or rendering expert witness opinions in breach of representation litigation matters.

Economic and Statistical Consulting

We provide government agencies, and many types of businesses with strategic planning, pricing analysis, settlement negotiations, fact finding, damages analysis, court proceedings, and exposure analysis. Using microeconomic theory and statistical and econometric analysis, we help create concise, fact-based descriptions of consumer, corporate, and other institutional behavior—and how it affects business performance, business risk and liability, and litigation processes and outcomes.

Protection of Honor, Dignity and Business Reputation

Out-of-court settlement of conflict, that is linked with abasement of honor, dignity and business reputation. Complex analysis of violation of law in the field of the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation considering individual features of the problem. Creation of legal case conducting tactics and strategy considering individual features of the problem. Effective out-of-court settlement of conflict.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our professionals are skilled communicators in trials and other dispute resolution forums with years of experience testifying before judges, juries, and arbitrators in complicated areas of business, economics, and finance. We can also assist in screening, coordinating, and preparing other expert witnesses.