We offer you a discrete, sensitive and professional service to support you through this complex area of law and fight your case.


Search for evidence of their innocence. Political prosecution, settlement in a judicial and pre-trial order and protection of honor and dignity. We are developing an individual strategy with unique tools for each client, depending on his/her situation, the country who wants to deport him, his reputation, citizenship, etc. We lead the client throughout the process, observing the deadlines for appealing extradition decisions, the ability to bail, respecting human rights and passing a positive verdict.

We work closely with overseas criminal solicitors, the police, investigators and prosecutors and if appropriate we will fight to challenge the extradition and make sure that all evidences are available for your defense. We can also advise and help you deal with any related Magistrates’ Court or High Court proceedings.

We have years of experience and professional knowledge to bring to your case and can deal with all types of national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Politically Motivated Requests for Extradition

We have experience in the extraordinary cases which involved political persecution. We gather expert evidence to prove that the defendant is punished for his political beliefs.

Challenging Interpol Red Notices / Europol

We dispute the inclusion of people on the Interpol’s Red Notice List, investigating the situation of the client and studying the reasons. We collect evidence of his/her innocence for delisting.

We also advise on how to better anticipate and reduce the risks of getting to the Interpol’s Red Notice List.

Advising Foreign Governments

Our experience in extradition matters allows foreign countries to get the advice for extradition of persons located in European countries and North America. We advised foreign governments on how their requests should be drafted and on the likely course of litigation.

Advising Individuals

Our experience in extradition matters also allows individuals to contact us for advice in order to avoid extradition. We develop an individual strategy with classic and unique tools. We create an environment in which the client will not be extradited.

Human Rights Challenges

We have experience in extradition cases based on the risk of human rights violations, including torture, arbitrary detention or an unfair trial.

Prevention of Extradition or Interpol Red Notices / Europol

We advise individuals who are concerned about the risks associated with a potential extradition request and appear on the Interpol Red Notices. We are developing a risk reduction strategy. What needs to be done in the first stage. Which country to go to and what risks exist there. How to protect yourself from extradition and not to lose assets.

Therefore, it is best to think about it when a person has not yet left his country and is only planning on doing it.