We select a team for each order individually, in order to fully meet the requirements of our client and the specifics of issue.

01. Political Risk

We format an individual strategy taking into account current political and geopolitical market conditions and their possible changes. Every day we monitor changes in the markets, new laws are introduced and we respond instantly, which allows us to protect the interests of customers in a timely manner.

02. Reputation

Analysis of reputation, reasons of negative reputation and reputation risks, adverse media and fake news. Strategies for building a positive reputation, etc.

03. Extradition

We are looking for proof of innocence of customers. Political prosecution, settlement in a judicial and pre-trial order and protection of honor and dignity. We are developing an individual strategy with unique tools for each client, depending on his situation, the country who wants to return him, his reputation, citizenship, etc.

04. Investigation & Financial Crime

Our multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators, data analysts and forensic technology experts work to uncover the facts behind whistleblowing allegations, asset concealment, employee negligence, white-collar crime, intellectual property theft, and bribery & corruption.

05. Dispute Consulting

SDK Strategy advises on international disputes and arbitration. From high-profile transactions to regulatory issues and complex litigation, our lawyers harness their knowledge across multiple legal disciplines to provide a holistic perspective for sophisticated matters.

06. Business Intelligence

We advise clients throughout the business life cycle, including on issues such as legal and financial literacy, risk reduction and political issues. Our offer is unique, and at every stage we help companies to avoid bad consequences.