You can have a positive reputation all your life, but one day everything will change.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffett


Reputation in developed countries is one of the main factors in deciding on individuals (Courts, partnerships, AML compliance, etc.). Therefore, recently, the actuality of “Know Your Customer” and due diligence has appeared in many industries.

The checks include a complete analysis of the person. His history, reputation and origin of money. If there is the slightest suspicion of the illegality of finance, a person may be denied his request to open a bank account, obtain a residence permit, aggravate the situation when considering extradition, etc.

For example, it is easier for banks to refuse to serve a customer with a nagative name than to risk tarnishing their reputation, as well as the possible receipt of a fine and in the worst scenario of revoking a license. The same applies to any appeal of citizens to foreign organizations.

About 5-10 years ago, these checks took place very superficially, distributing “golden passports” to people with a frank criminal record and opening bank accounts without checking the origin of money. But every day the checks are becoming deeper, more demanding and tough. European countries and the United States pay a lot of money to get a complete picture of a person and his financial situation and force businesses to take it seriously.

Change Reputation

The process is very long and laborious. Requiring time, jewelry approach, creativity and the widest possible field of activity. Timing is also very important. The sooner you start working on your reputation, the better, more efficiently and cheaper.

We Know

  • Protect reputations.
  • How to change negative reputation.
  • Which tools are effective and which are already uselessHow to take care of your reputation in advance.
  • Bring transparency to opaque, high risk, and high-profile situations.
  • Could you be haunted by a negative episode that defamed your reputation 20-30 years ago?
  • Safeguard against political exposure and questionable business practices.
  • Uncover how ambiguous laws and regulations, and conflicting stakeholder interests, could work against their objectives.
  • How your reputation can affect obtaining a residence permit or a foreign passport.
  • And also whether your residence permit or passport can be canceled due to the revealed circumstances in the reputationWill there be any complications when opening and maintaining an account in foreign banks.

We are pedantic about our investigative methodology, and we carefully test our findings through various analytical processes.